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Probably the most famous bridge in the world (and nothing to do with Advice Bridges)

Add value to your bridge project

Engage Advice Bridges and learn how your bridge can benefit from a selected range of bridge engineering services.

Strong Technical Advice

Senior bridge engineer with nearly 30 years of broad experience with structural analyses, design and project management.

High Quality

A systematic approach with great overview combined with being sharp on the details is your guarantee for high quality.

Efficient Work Process

Decisions focused on problem solving and on the big picture is key for an efficient and fast work process.

Bridge design

Bridge Design

Advice Bridges provides design services for:

  • Sketch, concept and preliminary design incl. cost estimates
  • Basic and detailed design, either of selected design packages, carried out together with collaboration partners, or as external consultant to main designers

Review and Check

Advice Bridges can improve and secure confidence to your bridge project and thereby reduce risks through:

  • Peer review and second opinion
  • Value engineering
  • Independent design check
  • Load rating of existing bridges

The review services are extremely important in the early project phases where concepts are defined, to get off to a good start.

Review and check of bridges
Bridge engineer and bridge consultant


Advice Bridges is all about bridges. Founder, owner and sole practitioner is senior bridge engineer Torben Scholdan Hansen. He has 27 years of experience from recognized international bridge consultant. The experience covers all bridge types and is obtained from work on more than fifty international projects, most of them major bridges, and some record-breaking!

Advice Bridges is a small specialist company which is reflected in the content on the website. Resources limit the size of jobs the company can take on – Advice Bridges is quality over quantity.

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